Brand Profile - Foshan Huaxing Thermos Co., Ltd
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              • Service Time:From Mon to Sun 8:00-17:30
                • Export business
                • Domestic business
              ABOUT US > Brand Profile


              corporate culture

              In addition to innovation all the way, we always adhere to the rigorous pursuit of quality, using industry-leading technical expertise and production experience, applying to all areas of life with high technology and health concept systematically in all direction, we are committed to be the pursuer of global quality life, providing safer, more convenient, more environmentally friendly and healthy daily products.

              Huaxing's vision and mission is to become the industry leader, user approved brand and manufacturer. Huaxing applies the business mode including design, development, production and import / export; builds open platform to become the world's preferred supplier of heat preservation products.

              core values and philosophy

              Quality first, customer supreme

              Mutual respect and open communication

              Excelsior, enterprising & innovative

              Ebullient, professional & dedicated

              Character of Huaxing people

              Honest, hard-working

              Innovative and pioneering spirit

              Provinding the comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly life style to people

              Care about staff sincerely

              Through human-based management, motivates working enthusiasm, attaches great importance to employee’s enthusiasm and creative energy, and increases the centripetal force, fully respects employees’s sense of ownership, devotes to creating a positive and enterprising team.

              Warm customer service

              The relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction constantly urges us to strive to move forward. With heartfelt sincerity and enthusiasm, we would like to provide higher quality service, in order to maintain the satisfaction to customers. 

              CONTACT US

              • EXP 0757-86858868
                MKT 0757-86858813
              • 0757-86858511
              • No.41,Baiye Rd.,Xiqiao Industrial Zone,Nanhai Foshan City,Guangdong,China

              Brand Story

              History of developmentPure and clinging dream...

              Design Team

              Our valuesWe have same goal, we all have pass...


              The latest dynamic,all in huaxing insulation ware co., LTD......


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